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Why Getting Second Medical Opinion?


Obtaining an expert second opinion for medical needs can provide you with valuable insights, options, and reassurance, ultimately leading to more informed healthcare decisions and potentially better outcomes.

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Specialized Doctors

Hospitals provide the highest quality healthcare services to patients by working with specialist and experienced doctors. At the same time, high-tech medical devices and diagnostic tools are used.

Latest Technologies

Fast diagnosis and treatment provides health tourists with the use of modern medical technologies to quickly and accurately diagnose diseases and, accordingly, prompt interventions, surgical operations or other treatment methods.

High Quality Services

It provides economic advantages by offering internationally competitive prices. It cares not only for medical treatment, but also for patient comfort and well-being.

How It Works?

Step 01

Consultation Request
The first step is to express your interest in seeking a second medical opinion. you will need to gather and provide relevant medical records, including test results, imaging scans, pathology reports, treatment history, and any other pertinent information. These records will provide the new healthcare provider with a comprehensive understanding of your medical condition, enabling them to provide an informed opinion.
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Step 02

We will review your medical records and connect you with a specialist who is best suited to provide a second medical opinion. We will also provide you with the doctor’s resume and information about the healthcare facility where they practice.
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Step 03

Treatment Plan
During the consultation, the second-opinion specialist will carefully review your medical history, examine your records. They will then provide their evaluation and opinion regarding your diagnosis, treatment options, and any alternative approaches that may be available. With this new information, you can compare the opinions, weigh the pros and cons, and make an informed decision about your healthcare journey. It's important to maintain open communication with both your primary healthcare provider and the second-opinion specialist throughout the process.
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Step 04

Travel Arrangements
If you decide to proceed with recommended course of action, you will need to make travel arrangements. Healthcare facility located in Istanbul will help you with travel logistics, including flights, accommodation, transportation, and any necessary visa requirements. It's important to ensure that your travel arrangements align with your healthcare needs and any post-treatment recovery plans.
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Health tourism involves traveling to another country to receive medical treatment or procedures. This can include elective surgeries, specialized treatments, or wellness therapies not available or more affordable abroad.

People opt for health tourism for various reasons. Some seek cost-effective medical treatments that may be expensive or unavailable in their home country. Others choose it to access renowned medical experts and advanced healthcare technologies. Additionally, health tourism offers the opportunity to combine medical care with a vacation, allowing patients to recover in a relaxing and enjoyable environment.

Medical second opinions are provided by specialists who have extensive knowledge and expertise in specific medical fields. These doctors are highly trained and experienced in diagnosing and treating specific diseases, conditions, or organs. They are also familiar with the latest medical technologies and treatment methods. We work with doctors who are board-certified and have years of experience in their respective fields. You will receive resume of the doctor who will provide your second medical opinion.

Communication is vital for proper diagnosis, treatment, and post-operative care. Language barriers can be a concern in health tourism, but we are working with reputable healthcare facilities where translators available for international patients.

The cost of health tourism varies depending on the destination, medical procedure, and healthcare provider. However, health tourism in Istanbul is generally more cost-effective than receiving medical care in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe.